Home Remedies For Bruises And Bruising

Home Remedies For Bruises And Bruising

Home Remedies For Bruises And Bruising


A bruise or contusion is an injury to the tissue under the skin caused by a blow from an object, the skin does not break but the blood vessels that run throughout our bodies rupture, and the blood drains into the tissue, seeping into the skin. This causes pain, swelling, and a characteristic discoloration of the skin (black and blue colors). Bruises are probably the most common of all injuries and there are none among us who have not experienced some kind of bruising or the other. Bruises are minor injuries in most cases and bruise treatment for healing bruises is not really required in most cases, but it can certainly help minimize the risk of infection and scarring and also hasten the healing process. Bruise treatment for healing bruises and swelling naturally or with medications will quite naturally depend on the nature of the bruise and the causes of bruising. Bruising itself does not involve lesions or cuts and bleeding, but very often trauma that causes skin lesions and bleeding may be accompanied by bruising.

Bruises are common skin injuries that cause temporary discoloration of the skin. Blood gets collected in the affected area. This causes discoloration. Bruises are also known as Contusion or Ecchymosis. Bruises are generally surface injuries that develop from mild trauma such as a bump or fall and are the result of ruptures or tears in the small blood vessels just beneath the skin. As a result of such injuries, blood escapes beneath the skin causing the distinctive blackish or bluish color associated with bruising. Under normal circumstances in healthy individuals, bruises will heal naturally, and depending on the size of the bruise this could take anywhere from two to four weeks. During this period of healing the bruise may change colors that include purplish, reddish, bluish, or even black and yellowish green. Bruises on the legs may take a little longer to heal as compared to bruises on the arms or face.

Bruises are usually not a serious cause for concern and home treatments with bruise remedies would suffice to help get rid of bruises on the face, hands, legs, or any area of the body pretty fast. It really doesn’t take an expert to understand how to treat bruises and no matter what the causes of bruising and whether in children or adults or whether on the hands or legs, home treatment can help to relieve swelling and soreness that accompanies bruising. Bruising that occurs without any apparent injury or trauma, or on account of some medical condition or if very severe should however be treated seriously. If the bruising is severe with pronounced swelling or pain that develops within half an hour of the injury could be indicative of a more serious injury such as a fracture or a bad sprain. Certain medical conditions like diabetes can cause bruising to occur very easily and may also make it harder for bruises to heal and in some conditions, bruises may not even heal. In any of these scenarios, medical attention is necessary. Frequent and easy bruising does not always indicate a health problem, however, so don’t hit the panic button just yet. Some of us just have delicate skin that is more susceptible to bruising.

Bruises can afflict absolutely anyone irrespective of age, gender, or race. Children are more prone to bruising simply because they spend a lot more time playing and engaging in physical activities that can cause minor injuries. These are for the most part harmless, but treatments to hasten to heal, prevent and minimize itching can help as kids tend to pay little attention to hygiene. Elderly or rather aged adults also tend to bruise very easily because the skin becomes a lot thinner as you age and it also loses its flexibility to a large extent. The loss of fat beneath the skin also reduces the cushioning effect. These changes with aging along with the weathering of your skin from exposure to the elements like sunlight also increase the risk of bruising. Women also tend to bruise more easily than men, particularly from minor injuries on the upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. Sometimes your susceptibility to bruising may also be determined by hereditary factors. Some people become bruised very easily sometimes even without evidence of trauma, this is caused by a lack of vitamin C, nutrients found in fresh foods (vegetables and fruits), without these vitamins and minerals, blood vessels become weak and thin, prone to rupture when light pressure has applied another reason could be diabetes or menstruation. If the bruise does not go away check with your doctor, it might be a sign of a more serious condition.

Some modern medicines can interfere with normal blood clotting, thus causing bruises to appear on antidepressants, aspirin, anesthetics, cortisone, and penicillin.

Home Remedies For Bruises And Bruising

  1. Bruises may be a minor problem that most of us don’t take very seriously but they can be prevented quite easily without much effort. To prevent severe bruising you need to apply a cold compress as soon as you suffer the injury before the signs of bruising even become apparent. Bruise treatment with ice is in fact the most commonly used home treatment. Before you attempt to learn how to get rid of bruises in any area such as on the arm, face, lips, or under the eyes with ice you should keep in mind that ice should never be applied directly to your skin as this could cause further damage to the tissue. No matter what the causes of bruising you can try treating bruises particularly under the eye or on the arms, face, and legs with cold compresses by simply wrapping some ice in a towel or plastic bag and applying it to the affected area of skin. This remedy works as the extreme cold reduces blood flow into the region, thus reducing the bleeding and thereby the swelling and other signs of bruising. Elevating the affected area will also help as it will reduce the blood flow to the region.
  2. Taking Vitamin K or alfalfa in tablets helps blood clotting. Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamin C and iron. Foods rich in vitamin C are broccoli, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, and cauliflower. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Take Vitamin C to prevent bruising by thickening the walls of blood vessels.
  4. Chinese people use a mixture of 1 part cayenne pepper and 5 parts melted Vaseline, mix and cool, and apply once a day.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids. Pure water, herbal teas, and soups are all good choices.
  6. Make a tea with comfrey root or buchu soak a rag in the tea and apply to the bruised area, this has been shown to reduce pain and discoloration of the skin.
  7. Experts say the popular muscle soreness remedy Arnica is also your best bet for minimizing bruises and healing them fast. As soon as you bump your knee or other body part or notice swelling or discoloration, gently rub a dollop of this homeopathic cream on it. Arnica shrinks inflammation and increases circulation to flush away the stagnant blood that turns your skin black and blue.


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