Amazing & Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Amazing & Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Interesting Facts About Pakistan | Pakistan is one of the most interesting countries, not just in Asia, but also globally. As a matter of fact, the country is admired all over the world. Undoubtedly, and unquestionably, Pakistan is bountiful in many things, such as its natural landscape, rich culture, and beautiful people. Many other Pakistan facts articles on the internet today talk about the beauty of this country, especially its mountain scenery.

Here are some interesting facts about Pakistan


– Around 40% – almost half! – of the world’s footballs are hand-sewn in Sialkot in Pakistan.

– The national anthem is ranked the world’s best country anthem, and Pakistan also holds the record for the highest number of people singing the anthem together.

– The country has the 6th biggest population in the world.

– Pakistan boasts one of the largest ambulance systems in the world. It is operated by the county’s largest non-profit social welfare system, which offers medical and healthcare services to all.

– Pakistan is home to some of the tallest mountains in the worlds, including the K-2, second only to Everest. 

– Pakistan is thought to host some of the older civilisations worldwide, in the Indus Valley and Mohejo-Daro.

– The Karakorum Highway is one of the highest paved roads in the world at 4693m, and is sometimes called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” due to how difficult it was to build.

– Pakistan has one of the world’s largest broadband internet systems.

– The National Fruit is the Mango

– The people of Pakistan have been polled as the fourth most intelligent people worldwide. The Institute of European Business Administration ranked 125 countries. Pakistan has the seventh largest collection of scientists and engineers.

– The world’s youngest Microsoft Expert is from Pakistan, and she was certified at just five years old.

– Pakistan is just one of two Muslim countries to allow women to work in combat jobs.

– Pakistan is also home to the world’s highest ATM. It belongs to the National Bank and is at 4963m, at the Khunjerab Pass.

– Malala Yourafzai is the youngest ever person to win the Nobel Peace Prize, at 17. She is a social activist for women’s education in the Swat Valley in Northern Pakistan.

– Benazir Bhutto was not only Pakistan’s first female prime minister, but she was also the first female prime minister in any Muslim country.

– Pakistan’s National animal is the Markhor, a large wild goat found throughout Central Asia.

– Pakistan is home to the world’s third largest glacier, Biafo Glacier, which is 63km long. It’s the largest glacial system outside of the polar regions.

– Changa Manga is Pakistan’s man-grown forest, and is the largest around the globe.

– There are six UNESCO Heritage sites in the country of Pakistan.

– Pakistan has more than 100 million internet users. This makes the country the 10th largest population that uses the internet.

Male homosexuality is illegal, with up to life imprisonment as punishment in Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the few countries that has four seasons.


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