Famous Street Foods in Colombia

Famous Street Foods in Colombia



Like neighboring Venezuela, thick-fried corn cakes that are split and filled are the standard street fare. In Cartagena, they tend to be flaky made with butter and often filled with melted cheese.

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In Bogota, they are drier and filled with cooked meats of various kinds with sauces.



Filled savory pastries, empanadas are standard street food across Latin America. Colombian versions often use corn flour instead of the usual wheat flour.

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They come with many fillings, often meat and potatoes or cheese, and can be toasted on a griddle or fried.


Perros Calientes 

The American hot dog is very popular in the countries of northern South America. In Colombia, they are usually grilled or steamed, put on large buns and then loaded with mustard, ketchup-like sauces, tomatoes, beans, cheese, chopped cabbage or lettuce, pickles, bacon, and other toppings.

Perros Calientes - ngthoughts

They are literally meals on buns.



Fruit vendors are everywhere in cities, towns, and along roadsides. Various kinds of bananas, of course, are common as are pineapples, melons, papaya, carambola (star fruit), mango, guava, and others and are peeled or cut into fancy shapes and sold from carts. The Caribbean region is particularly rich in tropical fruits eaten as street food. Young coconut is also popular. As a drink, one end is cut open, a straw placed in it, and the milk consumed. It can also be cut into chunks and eaten out of hand.



Fruit juice stands are ubiquitous. Various types of fruit are squeezed with handoperated presses directly into individual glasses. Juices can also be blended, sometimes with milk, into frothy drinks. One special Colombian drink is called avena (oats). Cooked oats are mixed with milk, sugar, and cinnamon and heated. It is served warm and often with rice. Limonada (lemonade) is made from local limes that are mixed with lots of sugar to make a super sweet, but refreshing, drink.

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