The Bird Gave Milk

The Bird Who Gave Milk

The Bird Who Gave Milk


Tarla, a poor man, worked in the fields with his wife. One day, they made the field ready for sowing and left. The next morning, the field was as before, so they had to dig again. On the third day, the field appeared untilled. Tarla stayed back that night. The Bird Gave MilkHe saw a beautiful bird settle on the bush where he was hiding, which began singing to the field to turn around! And the field turned around! Tarla was about to kill it when the frightened bird promised to give him and his family a lot of milk if he let it live on. Tarla told the bird first to have the field turned around, ready for sowing. The bird did that Then, Tarla placed the bird into a bag and carried it home.


Tarla took care of the bird and drank a lot of milk daily, which he and his family drank heartily. They became healthy. When the villagers asked about the secret of their health, Tarla also distributed the milk to them, and they were overjoyed.




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