Kids Moral Story : Hare and the Tortoise

Hare and the Tortoise

Once a hare was roaming near a lake in a forest. Suddenly he saw a tortoise and mocked him saying – “Hurry up, you slow coach! Don’t you find life very dull taking so long to cover a few yards? I could have run to the other side of the lake by now.”
The tortoise felt teased and dared the hare to a race. The race was to be through the wood to a fixed goal.
The hare agreed laughingly. In a few minutes, he was away and out of sight.
“What a fun race it is!” he said to himself, “I am already halfway through. But it is too-too cold; why not have a nap in the warm sunshine?”
The tortoise walked steadily on and on. In a short time, he passed by the sleeping hare.

Kids Moral Story Hare and the Tortoise (

The hare slept far longer than he had intended. When he woke up, at last, he looked around in surprise and said to himself,” Not even a sigh of the poor tortoise anywhere so far; I had better trot along and finish the race.”
The hare ran to the goal. He was amazed to see all the animals cheering the tortoise who had arrived just a minute earlier. how ashamed he felt indeed!

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race

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