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Ishtarakiat – Zarb-e-Kaleem | Allama Iqbal Poetry | اشتراکیت




قوموں کی روش سے مجھے ہوتا ہے یہ معلوم
بے سود نہیں روس کی یہ گرمی رفتار

Qoumon Ki Rawish Se Mujhe Hota Hai Ye Maloom
Be Sood Nahin Roos Ki Ye Garmi-e-Raftar

From won’t and ways of nations all these facts so clear with ease I learn,
The Russians seem to be in haste to gain the goal for which they yearn.


اندیشہ ہوا شوخی افکار پہ مجبور
فرسودہ طریقوں سے زمانہ ہوا بیزار

Andesha Huwa Shaukhi-e-Afkaar Pe Majboor
Farsooda Tareeqon Se Zamana Huwa Bezar

The world is a red tip with the modes that arenʹt in vogue and are outworn;
My intellect, which was tame and mild much pert and insolent has grown.


انساں کی ہوس نے جنھیں رکھا تھا چھپا کر
کھلتے نظر آتے ہیں بتدریج وہ اسرار

Insaan Ki Hawas Ne Jinhain Rakha Tha Chupa Kar
Khule Nazar Aate Hain Batadreej Woh Asrar

These mysteries which the greed of man had kept in veils of stuff so coarse
Are step by step emerging now and coming forth by dint of force.


قرآن میں ہو غوطہ زن اے مرد مسلماں
اللہ کرے تجھ کو عطا جدت کردار

Quran Mein Ho Ghota-Zan Ae Mard-e-Musalman
Allah Kare Tujh Ko Atta Jiddat-e-Kirdar

O Muslim, dive deep into the Book, Which was revealed to Prophetsʹ Seal;
May God, by grace on you bestow politeness, for good deeds much zeal!


جو حرف ‘قل العفو’ میں پوشیدہ ہے اب تک
!اس دور میں شاید وہ حقیقت ہو نمودار

Jo Harf-e-‘Qulil-Affo’ Mein Poshida Hai Ab Tak
Iss Dour Mein Shaid Woh Haqiqat Ho Namoodar!

The fact concealed in words so far, “Spend what is surplus and is spare,”
May come to light in the modern age and make the meanings clear and bare.




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