A poor, young farmer lived in a tiny hut but was happy to be in the midst of
nature’s beauty. One day, he sniffed a sweet fragrance in the woods and
traced it to a pine tree. Caught in its branches was a veil of unmatchable
beauty, woven out of the sun’s rays and moonbeams, and studded with stars!
He had gingerly removed the veil when a charming young maiden came and
asked for it. He refused. She began to cry, saying: ‘I am a nymph and this is
my veil. Please return it as without it I will be unable to return to my sisters.’
The youth said: ‘If you are a nymph, then why don’t you dance as only
nymphs can?’ At this, the maiden spun about in mid-air while her veil flew
round and round him, scattering thousands of sweet-scented blossoms! He
was not sure whether he had seen this or it was his imagination. But
he began to cherish nature’s beauty even more.





La Phir Ek Baar Wohi Bada-o-Jaam Ae Saqi – Allama Iqbal Poetry

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