Ghazal - Zarb-e-Kaleem Allama Iqbal Poetry

Ghazal – Zarb-e-Kaleem | Allama Iqbal Poetry | غزل




تیری متاع حیات، علم و ہنر کا سرور
!میری متاع حیات ایک دل ناصبور

Teri Mata-e-Hayat Ilm-o-Hunar Ka Suroor
Meri Mata-e-Hayat Aik Dil-e-Nasaboor!

A restless aching heart that throbs with Love is my lifeʹs only stock and hoard.
Your joys of life consist of wealth and gold that worldly Science and Arts to you afford.


معجزۂ اہل فکر، فلسفۂ پیچ پیچ
معجزۂ اہل ذکر، موسی و فرعون و طور

Moujaza-e-Ahl-e-Fikar, Falsafa-e-Paich Paich
Moujaza-e-Ahl-e-Zikr, Musa(A.S.)-o-Firoun-o-Toor

The marvel wrought by thinkers wise and sage consists of problems stiff that thought provoke:
Mount Sinai, Pharoahʹs rout and Mosesʹ Staff are miracles worked by those who God invoke.


مصلحتاً کہہ دیا میں نے مسلماں تجھے
تیرے نفس میں نہیں، گرمی یوم النشور

Muslahatan Keh Diya Main Ne Musalman Tujhe
Tere Nafs Mein Nahi, Garmi-e-Youm-Ul-Nashoor

I have conferred a Muslimʹs name on you for sake of courtesy, custom and routine:
Though your breath is quite bereft of heat of Reckoning Day that shall emit blazing sheen.


ایک زمانے سے ہے چاک گریباں مرا
تو ہے ابھی ہوش میں، میرے جنوں کا قصور

Aik Zamane Se Hai Chaak Gireban Mera
Tu Hai Abhi Hosh Mein, Mere Junoon Ka Qasoor!

My vest is torn to shreds and pieces since long and this is due to my mindʹs frenzy great:
Your mind is still intact and sound, Wherefore impute the blame to me and slate?


فیض نظر کے لیے ضبط سخن چاہیے
حرف پریشاں نہ کہہ اہل نظر کے حضور

Faiz-e-Nazar Ke Liye Zabt-e-Sukhan Chahiye
Harf-e-Preshan Na Keh Ahl-e-Nazar Ke Huzoor

You ought to keep your words within control, If you seek the bounteous glance of guide:
When you talk with those who insight own, Be courteous much, by conduct nice abide.


خوار جہاں میں کبھی ہو نہیں سکتی وہ قوم
عشق ہو جس کا جسور ، فقر ہو جس کا غیور

Khawar Jahan Mein Kabhi Ho Nahin Sakti Woh Qoum
Ishq Ho Jis Ka Jasoor, Faqr Ho Jis Ka Ghayoor

That nation cannot come to shame at all, Nor shall eʹer come across or face disgrace,
Whose youth are blessed with pluck and courage great, and guard with zeal the prestige of their race.




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