Mout - Zarb-e-Kaleem Allama Iqbal Poetry

Mout – Zarb-e-Kaleem | Allama Iqbal Poetry | موت




لحد میں بھی یہی غیب و حضور رہتا ہے
اگر ہو زندہ تو دل ناصبور رہتا ہے

Lahad Mein Bhi Yehi Ghaib-o-Huzoor Rehta Hai
Agar Hi Zinda To Dil Na-Saboor Rehta Hai

If self of man perfection gains devoid of rest his heart remains:
Even in the niche of grave presence and Absence he must brave.


مہ و ستارہ ، مثال شرارہ یک دو نفس
مے خودی کا ابد تک سرور رہتا ہے

Meh-o-Sitara, Misal-e-Shararah Yak Do Nafas
Mai-e-Khudi Ka Abad Tak Suroor Rehta Hai

The Moon and stars shine like a spark, For moments few and then the dark:
The rapture caused by egoʹs wine is as eternal as things divine.


فرشتہ موت کا چھوتا ہے گو بدن تیرا
!ترے وجود کے مرکز سے دور رہتا ہے

Farishta Mout Ka Chhuta Hai Go Badan Tera
Tere Wujood Ke Markaz Se Door Rehta Ha!

If your ego is ripe and mature, Your life from Death becomes secure:
Deathʹs angel may earthly frame contact, But can not harm your soul, in fact.




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